Best Rock Bands Of All Time

1. The Beatles –

The Beatles, a.k.a “The Fab Four” consisted of four members namely, Paul, John, George, and Ringo. The band had become a household name in the late 1900s majorly in the U.S and UK.  One of their cult classics is Revolver, which was VH1’s pick for best album of all time. The Beatles also had a psychedelic phase in their music when they marveled us all with their many mind-blowing post-acid lyrics.


2. Led Zeppelin –

Led Zeppelin is yet another classic rock band of the 1900s. The star kids of the band were Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. The best album the band ever produced was Houses of the Holy was another cool vinyl. Some of the smashing hits in this album included “Dancing Days,” “The Rain Song” and “No Quarter.” In the year  2000, VH1 voted Led Zeppelin as number one in the category of hard rock.


3. The Rolling Stones –

The Rolling Stones is a synergy of “A Rhythm” and “Blues Band.” It was Brian Jones that bought these two bands together to form the Rolling Stones in1962. Some of their all-time classics are Out of Our Heads, Aftermath, Let It Bleed, Sticky Fingers, Their Satanic Majesties Request and Exile on Mainstreet.

4. The Jimi Hendrix Experience –

The Jimi Hendrix Experience was a popular trio that hit the music scene in the United Kingdom in the latter part of 1996. The band was together for a short span of 4 years, with frequent changes being made to the members. However, in their time as a band, they played some sensational music and contributed a great deal to the history of rock music through songs such as   “Purple Haze,” “All Along the Watchtower,” “Foxy Lady,” and “Machine Gun.”

Jimi Hendrix

5. Pink Floyd –

Pink Floyd is a band that is an all-time favorite. The band’s music is still a holy grail to many across the globe. The band formed in the year 1965. In its lifetime its sold over 200 million records and continues to perform on a global stage. One of their most sensational albums was their first, “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn.”The album’s greatest hit was “Interstellar Overdrive.”  Other popular classics were The Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall.

6. Queen –

Last but definitely not the least, the Queen is a cult hit band that performed in the late 1900s. They were one of the most progressive and experimental rock bands of all time. Some of the all-time favorite classics of the Queen are “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “We Will Rock You,” “Somebody to Love” and “We Are the Champions.” The Queen is known to have sold over  300 million albums worldwide.  The band members were Freddie Mercury on lead vocals,  Roger Taylor on drums and Brian May on lead guitar.