Top Free Music Apps For Android Phones

1. Deezer –

Deezer is a long existent app that is free of cost. Although it offers both free and paid services, the free version in itself lets you use many of the fun features such as the FLOW feature that helps you discover new artists and listen to playlists and mixes that are specially curated for your taste. The app also features unlimited playlist creation, lyrics fetching, and mixes based on individual artists.


2. Google Play Music –

Google Play Music has been on the road to popularity off late. The best feature in this app is its ability to upload 50,000 of your own songs for personal streaming. This app permits the combining of your current playlist with an online service. The free version is as good as the premium or paid version as it also offers the service of podcasts.

3. iHeartRadio –

iHeartRadio is yet another popular music app that is free. It’s basically a radio app that allows you to listen to a variety of stations across the globe based on your personal taste in music and language. In addition to that, it also offers other services such as podcasts, comedy shows, and talk radio.  It comes with things like Chromecast support, Android Auto support, Android Wear support.

iheart radio

4. Jango Radio –

Jango Radio is a wildcard when it comes to free music apps. It has a large variety of music ranging from big names to small-time independent artists. The app extracts revenue from small-time artists who pay to make their music heard.  This gives Jango its operating revenue which helps it stay free.

5. Pandora Music-

The key feature of Pandora Radio/music is how user-friendly it is and how it has cross-platform support. It is extremely easy for you to jump right in and listen to your favorite music on virtually any platform you want to. The app’s content library has expanded over the years. In addition to that, they also have an on-demand streaming service for anyone who wants a Spotify style experience.

Pandora music

6. Sound Cloud –

This is one of the most unique music apps as it is not just free, but it also focuses on supporting upcoming talent from across the globe with no discrimination. Literally, anyone is allowed to upload their music on sound cloud. This service currently has 125 million tracks on its platform. It also has a number of podcasts and other content to enjoy. The free version of this app majorly consists of independent artists whereas the paid version gets you the in-trend celebrities. Many people prefer the free version as it is a great place to discover new artists especially for those who are into Indie music.